Lose the hangover, not the booze.

Enjoy the holidays hangover-FREE!

Navigate the holiday season with less stress, and finally enjoy this special time without the guilt and shame that often comes with overindulging.

Start Mastering Moderation now.





Everything you need to successfully navigate the holidays hangover-free WITHOUT solely relying on willpower!

Most coaches charge nearly $200 per month for this kind of value.

But I decided to create something more affordable and accessible to ensure as many people as possible can booze less starting now.

You've likely been told...

  • It's way too hard to drink less during the holidays

  • Why not just wait for Dry January

  • You should probably stop drinking altogether

  • You don't have a "problem"

BUT OMG... you are sick and tired of the hangovers and regret that comes with them.

Why is this so hard to figure out?

What if...

You could bypass the holiday hangovers by participating in a fun group challenge while also receiving tips and tricks to help you drink less from here on out?!

Here's what happens when you do that:

  • ​You start to understand your relationship with alcohol on a different level than ever before

  • You connect with an amazing group of like-minded people who will be cheering you on every sip of the way

  • ​​You are able to create powerful transformations in your mindset and see amazing results in your overall intake

  • ​​You can show up with confidence and authenticity with or without a drink in your hand

  • ​​You can find your OFF BUTTON and stop drinking more easily

  • You can stop worrying about what you may have said or done the night before

  • You can ditch the shame, guilt, regret, + hangxiety that come from overdrinking

  • ​​You can build a foundation of self-love + acceptance

Hey there! I'm Erica and I've been helping people naturally drink less, while still enjoying social gatherings, and easily finding their "off" button

and I want the same for you!

Whether you're looking to cutback or simply hope to enjoy the holidays without all the horrendous hangovers, this is the perfect opportunity for you to finally commit.

Hangover-Free Holidays is here to help you get through the holiday season with less stress, more joy, and most of all - hangover-free!

Holidays without Hangovers are possible!

  1. Give yourself the best gift this holiday season!

The holidays are the best time of the year, right? There is so much goodness during this time of year, but it can also be brutal.

It can seem like there is never enough time.

We feel "blah" from all the sweet treats, high-calorie foods, and overindulging at holiday parties.

The holidays can also make us feel more alone than ever. No wonder we feel so stressed, exhausted, and burnt out!

That's where Hangover-Free Holidays comes in.

You will receive endless support, weekly group coaching, personalized feedback, a digital workbook along with discount codes, drink recipes, an amazing community, and more.

  1. Invest in Y-O-U

Life is always going to happen. You'll always have an event or a holiday or something coming up that gives you an excuse or an out for putting this off. But... then you wind up back in this same spot you're in now, wishing you had committed already. There is NO time like the present to invest in #1. Don't wait until things "get bad" (or worse) to make a change. Commit today and stop waking up with the shame, guilt, and anxiety that comes with overindulging.

By participating in Hangover-Free Holidays, you're not only investing in yourself, you're also investing in your mental and physical health, your future, your career, and your relationships with friends + family, too! It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Stop relying on willpower.

Surprisingly, drinking has way less to do with the booze than you realize. That's why willpower doesn't last for long. When you do the work, you'll stop relying on willpower to keep your drinking in check and instead

find peace and balance through moderation.

And just think how amazing it will be to accomplish this during the holiday season!

just imagine

What it will feel like to spend the rest of 2023 waking up hangover-free!


Hangover-Free Holidays

Exactly what you need to not just survive but THRIVE this holiday season while drinking less and enjoying more!

When you join Hangover-Free Holidays, you'll get

everything you need to start drinking less TODAY!







Gianna C.

I did Erica's Hangover-Free Holidays and I learned so much during this program! I realized I am a social drinker and would easily drink as much as the people around me, even if I knew I didn't want another drink. I enjoy drinking and still plan to, however I wanted to better understand my relationship with alcohol and why I'd tend to drink more during social situations. Overall, I would highly recommend a ShameOver program to anyone, as I learned so much, have been putting what I've learned into practice and ultimately feel in control of the alcohol I consume. You won't regret taking one of these programs!


Kathryn D.

"I also participated in a ShameOver pilot last fall, followed by the Hangover-Free Holidays program, and thoroughly enjoyed both. Typically the holidays have been a free-for-all for me, and this year I was able to be significantly more mindful about how I chose to approach drinking. Erica's program is judgment-free and support/community-based, both of which are important to me. I looked forward to the fireside chats each weekend, where we had the opportunity to share our wins and our struggles."


Bonnie R.

"This program is great! I am lucky to have been involved in a ShameOver pilot program. I enjoyed it enough to follow that up with the Hangover-Free Holidays ShameOver program, following that with the current program. Erica has a way of bonding us together while encouraging us on. I highly recommend this program and hope to see you there!"


Hangover-Free Holidays

Lose the hangover without going cold-turkey, and start Mastering Moderation now!

  • 6-Week Program (November 22 - January 3)

  • Digital Workbook Download full of tools you can start implementing today

  • Access to Daily Check-Ins

  • Weekly Coaching with Personalized Feedback

  • 2 Communities with 24/7 Access to Support and Accountability

  • Discount Codes + Drink Recipes

  • Happy Hour, Games + MORE!

Today's LOW Price = $98

not 100%?

See if these FAQs help...


Yes! This is for any and everyone who is looking to cutback on drinking and develop a better relationship with alcohol and themselves.


No. If you want to, great! But our focus is on moderation and transforming your relationship with alcohol. Any reduction in your alcohol intake is a great thing, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that in a fun way with a great group of like-minded people. There is no one-size-fits-all, and the customization and personalization is why this program is made to work for you.


Great question! In our community (the ShameOver Squad) there are people who have committed to cutting back and others who want to try getting rid of booze COMPLETELY for a period of time. We are all about choice and stay away from the black or white mentality. In reality, any reduction is a WIN, and my mission is to provide a safe, shame-free space to do this in while also taking the time to reconnect with yourself.

ShameOver is focused on Mastering Moderation and that looks different for everyone (as does the road of getting there.) You can learn a lot about yourself by taking time off, but you can also make great strides simply through significant reduction, too! Hangover-Free Holidays is about how to navigate the holidays, parties and stress without being hungover. Join now and this practice can help you find the long-term success you've been dreaming of.


According to an American Society of Training & Development study, you are 95% more likely to succeed by simply directing accountability to a third party. Research shows that even a little accountability produces measurable results when it comes to reaching your goals:

  • Having a goal = 10% more likely to complete

  • Consciously deciding to do it = 25%

  • Assigning a timeline = 40%

  • Making the plan = 50%

  • Committing to someone else = 65%

  • Weekly, consistent check-ins with that someone = 95% more likely to be successful!

Hangover-Free Holidays covers ALL of these areas!

So, what is stopping you?

*** BONUS ***

Join now and get EARLY ACCESS!

That's right! Get access to coaching + community the moment you sign up!

PLUS - receive ShameOver's Ultimate Holiday Guide to Drinking Less!

EXTRA coaching, support, and community? Yes, Please! 🙋


ShameOver Success - Katherine

Being able to mindfully drink and notice when I overdid it or have the willpower to have control and say no has been the biggest win for me during this reset. Also, recognizing that I'm not alone in wanting to cut back on my drinking and that others also feel shame around the times they overindulge has been helpful. The check-ins and articles sent throughout the reset were really helpful reminders along the way, too.  All in all, I loved being part of this group, and thank you for bringing us all together.


ShameOver Success - Quinn

Love it. ShameOver has been amazing and I think that’s been key to having a successful experience. I now know that I’m not alone, and finding my real why is essential for my success as is setting specific goals.


ShameOver Success - Danielle

Understanding how I use alcohol when I’m not paying attention and how it can be harmful to my overall productivity and happiness has been a key takeaway from participating in ShameOver.


ShameOver Success - Colleen

I've really enjoyed this experience and the community! It's nice that it is was a wide group of people who participated; it's almost easier being more honest about your habits with people who don't know you that well vs close friends. They can give you more honest feedback, I think. I've realized a lot of women are thinking about or struggling with the same feelings. The more we openly talk about it, the healthier we will all probably become.   Thank you for creating this!


Lose the hangover - not the booze - and start Mastering Moderation now!

ShameOver's Hangover-Free Holidays

  • 6-Week Program (November 22 - January 3)

  • Digital Workbook Download full of tools you can start implementing today

  • Access to Daily Check-Ins

  • Weekly Coaching with Personalized Feedback

  • 2 Communities with 24/7 Access to Support and Accountability

  • Discount Codes + Drink Recipes

  • Happy Hour, Games + MORE!

ONLY $98 total!